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“Respite for All” and Thanking Lynn

September 2018, my collaboration with Easterseals Colorado’s marketing department began for the 8th Annual Season of the Lights Gala gala honoring former CEO, Lynn Robinson, and recognizing her commitment to improving the lives of family caregivers.

Getting to interview Lynn and her family, seeing more of the programs she started, and sharing stories about our clients injects new meaning into the work I get to do as a skills trainer in self advocacy and employment. We highlight three programs started during Lynn’s tenure, the momentum of the organization to aid the transition, and share examples of the lasting impact of her legacy. We highlight our new work-based community pilot program with the USGS that I helped launch in Denver this summer, the Step-Up Youth Transition to Employment.


Linguistic Theory and How Common Sense Shapes Us

How Words Empower Us and Shape our World

In an excerpt from Malcom X’s autobiography, he shares with the world how he became envious of a man named Bimbi who “had always taken charge of any conversation he was in” (10) because of his knowledge of words. This inspired Malcom X to learn words; what resulted was a “new world that opened,” and he had never “been so truly free in [his] life” (11). Words can be liberating as they give the speaker the ability of to express themselves and convey their message. Even children must learn this necessary tool as we see in “The Children’s Tale” by Dr. Christine Nystrom. Outside of the womb, an infant develops their first “linguistic theory” (18), that their sounds and world are directly connected, therefore a change in their sound creates a change in their world. It is sounds that become the “key part of all the rest” (18) of their early development. 

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“Respite for All”
Self-Determined Learning
Step- Up Transition to Employment

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Innovation Series:
In Support of a Complexity Philosophy


In Bernard Burnes’ Kurt Lewin and the Planned Approach to Change: A Re-appraisal, the author details the criticisms of Lewin’s work to show that his approach and theories surrounding change and innovation are still relevant today. In Fiona Graetz and Aaron Smith’s Managing Organizational Change: A Philosophies of Change Approach, they discuss a need for competing and shifting philosophies in the workplace as this flexibility encourages innovation. They make good mention of diversity in organizations and how this leads to an increase in adaptability.

The Politics of Film


Subsidy, Migration, and New German Cinema

Globalization and cultural transnationalism have greatly complicated our notions of identity in the modern world. For example, new technologies such as satellites utilized by private broadcasting companies are facilitating globalization, making it easier for immigrants living abroad to feel connected to a home. One can walk around a immigrant neighborhood such as Berlin-Kreuzberg and see countless satellite dishes mounted on the sides of buildings. However, does the prevalence of new technologies marginalize German television, public broadcasting and public funded projects––which may have difficulty appealing to these diverse populations––and even diminish any attempt at a cohesive regional identity? In cities like Berlin, public broadcasting has played a progressive role in prompting social change.

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