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In 2014, I was certified in Digital Marketing by General Assembly learning provided me the technical knowledge (SEO) to track and increase web traffic, and conceptualize and measure campaigns to create effective engagements. At Your Soul’s Movement, I sold performance art packages to students and parents. I wrote newsletters, managed email marketing, and developed CRM processes drawing on experience at Tribe Pictures where I created custom ‘ticklers’ and reports to make informed decisions about our brand, sales, and marketing strategy. As a Sales Coordinator at a video production agency, I was exposed to corporate on-boarding, training, culture and change management communications.

At Tribe, I managed proposals (RFPs) and campaigns targeting Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions for advancement and recruitment videos, prospected and qualified leads, led website development, wrote blogs and press releases, ran advertisements (PPC) to gather analytics on keywords we sought to rank for organically. I also developed client relationships through industry accolades and applied advice from various consultants and SMEs in digital, branding, sales and organizational development.

AUSTIN ROYCE completed his bachelors at New York University January 2012 in Media, Culture & Communication. While pursing his minor in Producing for Film & Television, he interned at CNBC in their Long Form Programming Unit following an interest in documentary. While studying in Berlin, he was a freelance writer for a travel blog. After graduating, he began producing documentary projects, learning Final Cut Pro, filmmaking and storytelling. His skills and interests led him to a position of Sales & Marketing Coordinator at a production agency specializing in institutional and corporate films. He also volunteered for Live Out Loud, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for LGBT youth and was a founding member, for six consecutive years, of the Pride in the Hampton galas.

In 2015, he moved to Colorado to study Organizational Leadership, Spirituality & Anthroposophy. A proponent of a Complexity Philosophy, he founded CorePride, a collection of thoughts and excerpts, to help individuals and businesses raise their consciousness and achieve their highest potential. Currently, he helps diverse individuals and those with disabilities increase their independence through job seeking, development, training and coaching, and enjoys fueling self motivation, growth, responsibility, and supporting successful communication.

After a year and a half of serving adults, in 2018, he was offered to train and job develop for youth in transition. Today, he co-operates a program for transitional-aged youth with disabilities. Partnering with DVR, Jefferson County Public Schools, the US Geological Survey, and various community and state organizations, he finds successful placements and develop foundational skills.

As a Transition Specialist and a Job Placement Service Provider for Easterseals Colorado, he manages, coaches, advocates and tracks goals for a caseload of individuals with various disabilities by arranging experiences, situations, assessments, interviews, internships, and develops job search strategies and assist famlies and caregivers navigate resources and find respite. 

To learn more about the organization he’s served the last four years, visit his showcase on Vimeo to watch videos he produced in 2018 for the Winter Gala. They highlight three programs initiated by former leadership, the program: STEP-Up, and highlight his thoughtful direction in interviews conducted with leadership and stakeholders managing change, and the distillation of what’s uncovered as the glue in this, humor.

He studied Organizational Leadership (OL) at Regis University gaining knowledge of group psychology and educational programs that empower and unite people. Prior, he coordinated volunteers and produced videos for non-profit fundraising and community outreach

Since 2009, Austin has researched and identified the latest in how society and targeted audiences consume media. Studied in Organizational Leadership from Regis University, he has developed operational strategies that are catalysts for change in the social sphere. He pays close attention to individual’s narrative identity, growth and personality patterns, and motivators to increase discretionary effort, innovation, and change readiness. He works with community organizations and agencies to support adults and youth in transition with his career readiness programs and self-directed approaches.

His strategic Human Resources strategies encourage authenticity, ethical leadership and organizational diversity. He has developed positioning documents and messaging that support organizations’ values and culture. He currently serves groups and individuals with barriers to employment, assisting individuals with disabilities develop respect, trust, integrity and driving emotional intelligence and self awareness by setting up job assessments, paid work experiences, providing career coaching and job training, co-discerning steps towards independence.

His compassionate and inclusive approach incorporates 20th and 21st century leadership strategies and philosophies to shepherd change and raise emotional intelligence. Targeting the emotional centre supported by felt changes which act upon the limbic center in the brain, he uses organizational leadership trainings, employee engagement, motivation, and satisfaction measures to analyze intellectual and moral conversion to increase change efficacy.

Spring 2016, he was recommended upon completion of the Institute of Nutritional Leadership, and has been studying the use of essential oils to alleviate mental and physical suffering, targeting the gut or the ‘second brain.’ To increase learning and combat resistance to change, he studied astrology, the elements, and the endocrine system and takes an energy approach to counseling with its connection to the force centers to aid group synthesis and restore harmony.  His websites are,, and

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