About Austin






I’m inspired by people who are passionate about what they do and by hearing people’s visions, be it for a big company or an individual. I listen deeply and enjoy helping paint solutions for clients that utilize research and insight.

I am a graduate of New York University and also of General Assembly. I recently received a certificate in Digital Marketing where I learned to apply rigorous data-driven approaches to optimize digital marketing campaigns.

I take a gestalt approach to cooking and love local music halls. I am a believer in destiny and value diversity in perspectives. I enjoy photography, philosophy, and creating meaning for people. My wish is to share reckonings that may unlock what is holding others back in this Extraordinary World.

My Skills


Coach/trainer/HR strategist specialized in engagement, organizational leadership, talent management, diversity & inclusion 

Pinpoints behaviors and strengths, and analyzes workplace cultures (i.e. PM, R+, EAPs) and work/life balance considerations for ages 18-65, in groups (+8) and one-on-one. 

Supports and tracks performance and change management initiatives in marketing or employee engagement with analytics. 


CRM, prospecting, email marketing, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Apps, Google Analytics, Adwords, video production, final cut pro, web design, UX, SEO, SEM, WordPress, Joomla, PR, earned media, internal branding, strategic video communication, corporate communications, training, fundraising, live events, sales, direct marketing, B2B


Recent Bio


In 2019, I taught a summer job exploration, self advocacy and job shadowing hybrid program in the Comcast Employment and Technology Center in partnership with Eaton Senior Communities and Easterseals Colorado. I also was a presenter at the Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA Plus) Camp at Rocky Mountain Village.

In 2020, I became a Digitability Facilitator, and a Member of the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) certified as an Employment Services Support professional with an emphasis on the Essential Elements of Customized Employment.