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Organizational Coach & Strategic Diversity Consultant



Break down organizational bias and aid others in finding their purpose through self-disclosure


Unique Standards


My passion for human-centered documentary and knowledge of digital, user design and marketing, complement my work in the career coaching field.

Accurate Designs


As a Brand Ambassador, I integrated sales tactics with communicative and transformational learning. My ecological approach to self reflection uses integrative learning and philosophy to develop relationships and create change.

Unique Feedback


I utilize my experiences and industry knowledge to strategize job placement plans and train for placement in creative services and beyond by developing soft-skills, ‘Theory of Mind’ and tools for independence.

I have a passion for education and creating positive change.


I leverage my training, development and disability inclusion expertise, enhanced by my research in Organizational Leadership, to inquire about opportunities on behalf of the clients I serve.

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Models for Change, Every Stage

A Teacher, Trainer, Advocate, Developer to develop your future, a DP, Editor, Cinematographer, and Post-production Manager to share your past  Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Nutritional, Spiritual, Person-centered, and Executive Leader to guide the present.

An Attitude of Hapiness

Along with Harmony— Responsibility, Analytical, Relator, Intellection are my other Strengths-Finder attributes— Merchant, Innovator, Creative, according to the Core Values Index— and INFJ, Intuitive, Counselor, Idealist in regard to my Myers-Briggs profile.

Leadership & Digital Marketing

Foremost, my approach is human— I seek Harmony in all things, and try to practice what I preach: mindfulness, transformation, and determination.

Video Production & Development

Fundraiser, Communicator, HR Consultant, Manager. Documentary Producer, and Casting, Pre-Production, and Long-form Programer

In 2019, I taught a summer job exploration, self advocacy and job shadowing hybrid program in the Comcast Employment and Technology Center in partnership with Eaton Senior Communities and Easterseals Colorado. I also was a presenter at the Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA Plus) Camp at Rocky Mountain Village.

In 2020, I became a Digitability Facilitator, and a Member of the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) certified as an Employment Services Support professional with an emphasis on the Essential Elements of Customized Employment.